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The Strongest Link in the Value Chain

FinCap is a reliable quarterback in the real estate industry. Our operations cover the entire real estate market business value chain from project planning and implementation to real estate asset management and sales.

FinCap is based on Nordic entrepreneurship and uncompromising professional pride in doing things for yourself. We invest our own and our clients’ funds on the same return / risk principle, which we believe will lead to the best outcome for both parties.

FinCap’s Background

Collaborating as a Quarterback

FinCap was founded in 2016, but the company’s roots go back more than ten years until 2009, when two Ostrobothnian entrepreneurs began cooperating to increase their own and their close circle’s real estate assets.

FinCap’s four business areas are mutual funds, development, asset management and real estate brokerage. The owners of the parent company are all Finnish and the majority of the shares are in the hands of the company’s executive management.

FinCap’s Operating Model

We Invest Together with Our Clients and Manage the Entire Property Asset Management Value Chain

FinCap’s operating philosophy is crystallized in two things: working together and managing the entire real estate value chain. Our investor clients especially appreciate the fact that we share risks and returns with them by participating in projects with our own investments. This guarantees the unity of our interests, the profitability of the projects and the best return.

Value chain management is ensured by our own professional organization. We manage the entire property asset management value chain, and avoid outsourcing. This is how things stay in our own hands.

FinCap – Group Structure

FinCap Oy

Janne Kotamäki

Janne Kotamäki

CEO, Partner

+358 50 539 3098

Raimo Sarajärvi

Raimo Sarajärvi

Chairman of the Board, Partner

+358 400 662 716

Hannu Mäkelä

Hannu Mäkelä

Vice President

+358 50 384 8071

Tuija Toivonen

Tuija Toivonen

Finance Manager

+358 50 327 7578

Teija Luhtala

Teija Luhtala

Management Secretary

+358 10 504 4409