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FinCap builds a medical center for Mehiläinen in the center of Vaasa

FinCap Property Development is implementing the construction of a medical center worth approximately €20m in the center of Vaasa. A long-term lease agreement has been negotiated with Mehiläinen for the site. The business premises are about 4200 square meters in size and will have e.g. day surgery, laboratory and modern imaging facilities, and it will include the possibility of magnetic examination. “We have been operating in Vaasa since year 2003, but as operations expand, the old premises are becoming too small and therefore a new office building will be needed,” says Mehiläinen’s Regional Director Andreas Taalas. “Modern facilities enable even better customer service. In the future, our customers will find the entire Vaasa Mehiläinen staff and services in one place”, rejoices Tamara Koskimies, Mehiläinen Vaasa’s Unit Manager. “I am particularly proud of the opportunities offered by a modern hospital, as well as the fact that in the future we will be able to serve both private and occupational healthcare customers under one roof,” she adds.

The new office building will have six floors and will include facilities for a medical center, occupational health service, Hospital Mehiläinen, Urheilu (Sport) Mehiläinen and Hammas (Tooth) Mehiläinen. The office building is being built by YIT Suomi Ltd. and work on the site has already begun. The new premises will be completed in autumn 2021.

Additional information: Director Jarmo Kuusela, tel. +358 40 532 2294, jarmo.kuusela@fincap.fi