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Our Operations Currently Cover Three Funds: Two Housing Funds And A Care Real Estate Fund

The excellent returns of our funds are based on the team’s extensive experience and deep cooperation with our investors. The total acquisition price of the real estate assets of our funds exceeds € 300m. The Management Company is an alternative fund manager in accordance with the AIFM Act and its operations are supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Bank of Finland. Our fund is aimed only at professional investors.

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FinCap Fund II Ky

FinCap’s 2nd housing fund began operations at the end of 2019. The fund’s goal is to buy new production apartments from construction companies and rent them out. The properties are purchased from growth centers in Finland.

The fund does not accept new investments as it is a closed Limited Partnership Fund.

FinCap Fund I Ky

FinCap’s first housing fund was established in 2016. It has build almost 900 apartments in Finnish growth centers in 2016–2020.

Our own personnel have been responsible for site acquisition, design control, construction and project management, as well as site sales.

The fund does not accept new investments as it is a closed Limited Partnership Fund.

Finhoiva Ky

Our Finhoiva Ky care real estate fund was established in 2016. It has built sote properties all over Finland. FinCap’s team has built nursery homes and other health care properties for industry players across Finland worth several tens of millions of euros in recent years.

The fund’s active investment period has ended and it has already sold the majority of its real estate portfolio.

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