Real Estate Asset Management

Our Real Estate Management service helps You with real estate investment routines and long-term development of your property value.

Property management

We operate under FinCap Real Estate Asset Management

FinCap Real Estate Asset Management's property management was born, when "GC Isännöinti Seinäjoki" and "Kanava Isännöinti Helsinki" were merged to be part of the FinCap-group

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We focus and specialize on large resedential and commercial buildings.

We operate in the Seinäjoki-Vaasa economic area and the metropolitan area. Our offices are located in Seinäjoki and Helsinki. We specialize in the management of malls, delivery projects after the construction phase of the new buildings and the property management of the value-haven properties of the Helsinki City Center. Housing companies receive high quality administrative, financial and technical services.

Rental Management

We serve both private and business customers with unrivalled attitude regardless of size of a customer.

Tailored service according to customer's needs

The administrative service packages are:
  • Rental charges, increases and, where appropriate, collection
  • Working as a contact person for tenants
  • Payments for maintenance charges and housing company monitoring
  • Document retention
  • Profitability Reporting
  • Co-ordination of small repairs
Our rental service covers:
  • Acquisition of tenants and verification of credit information
  • Leases and collateral arrangements
  • Housing inspection and key management

Purchase consulting

We help our customers to buy and sell real estate and housing shares at the right price

We help to create and deploy our customers’ real estate portfolio strategy in practice

The aim of the purchase consultancy is to ensure that the objects to be purchased will suit the existing real estate portfolio in the best possible way. Our extensive experience of the property market ensures that the best possible price for the buyer is always reached. The purpose of sales consultancy is also to implement a real estate management strategy. Sales are carried out efficiently, utilizing our comprehensive contact network. Buying and selling consulting focuses mainly on the needs of our existing customers and on existing real estate portfolios.

Real Estate Valuation

Our property valuation service covers whole Finland, all kinds of real estate and every use of the valuation results.

Extensive experience and access to data ensure the right determination of the value of the property

Our valuators have long and extensive experience in assessing business, office and production properties as well as residential properties. The valuation includes the Market Approach, Income Approach and Cost Approach methods. The valuators have access to the Real Estate Information System and all sources of market information, so the estimated market value is always up to date. The assessment follows the requirements of the Central Chamber of Commerce's Property Valuation Authorization (AKA) and International Valuation Standards (IVS). Our assessors have the AKA, KHK and RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) qualifications. The results of the valuation can be used for all purposes, e.g. transaction support, security, financial reporting, and shared property sharing.