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Property Management

Check out the services offered by Real Estate Management:

We host large residential and commercial properties. We operate in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Seinäjoki-Vaasa economic area. Our offices are located in Helsinki and Seinäjoki.

We serve customers nationwide through our six offices and remote offices.

At FinCap, we do property management in a customer-oriented and cost-effective manner. Our expertise is in the management of real estate assets and their long-term development.

Our real estate appraisal serves whenever there is a need to appraise real estate.

We offer our clients an attractive purchasing service for efficient growth of the housing investment portfolio. Our operations are based on strong cooperation between nationwide construction companies and FinCap Investor Sales (FinCap Sijoittajamyynti).

Outsourcing the management of rental properties saves a considerable amount of time for the owner of the investment home. The task of our management is not only to ease the workload of the owner, but also to ensure that the property generates and its value develops positively.

FinCap Real Estate Asset Management (FinCap Kiinteistövarainhoito) offers a unique set of services for investors. Our service package covers e.g. hosting, retail management, administration, rental, investor sales and real estate appraisal. Together, these services offer the opportunity to develop, grow and solve real estate investment needs with us.