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FinCap's foundation is ostrobothnian entrepreneurship as well as uncompromising professionalism for making your own. We place our own and our customers money at the same return/risk expectation to a project as we like to practice what we preach.

FinCap´s background

Entrepreneurship is our core value

The foundation of FinCap was created in the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2009, when two ostrobothnian entrepreneurs Raimo Sarajärvi and Janne Kotamäki started co-operation. At the beginning, the operations focused on the management of real estate holdings through Gapcon Ltd. Since then, operations have expanded to cover the whole value chain of real estate asset management from land acquisition and real estate development, property management, sale and purchase consulting, rental supervision, property valuation and fund management. In 2016 FinCap Ltd. was created by the parent company of the Group and three business areas were formed under it: Funds, Development and Asset Management. In the same year, the share of construction company Conline Ltd., which now operates as FinCap Property Development Ltd., was acquired. During 2017, the corporate structure has been streamlined and all operations have been embedded into the FinCap Group. In connection to this, Gapcon Ltd.’s business operations have been fully transferred to FinCap Property Management Ltd. The parent company has ten owners and its total assets are ten million euros.

The operating model

Our interests are aligned with investors and we cover all aspects of the property management value chain

FinCap's operational philosophy is summed up in two ways: to work together and to manage the entire value chain of the property portfolio. Our investor clients especially appreciate FinCap sharing risks and maximizing returns with them by participating in projects with our own money. This guarantees the aligned interest with clients and the best profitability of projects. Value chain management is secured through our own professional organization. We manage the whole value chain of real estate asset management, i.e. we like to keep things in our own hands.

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