FinCap funds sold apartment building and nursing home

The FinCap Fund I Ky has sold a newly built apartment building in Central Turku to Nordea Life Insurance. The house is the second completed out of total four houses to be built in the same Iso-Heikkilä area in Turku. The house has a total of 56 apartments and floorspace of 2167 sq. meter.

FinCap’s nursing fund Finhoiva Ky has also sold a care facility to Nordea Life Insurance. The site is located in Tampere and has 90 service accommodation places. The site will be completed in spring 2019.

The FinCap Group is a Finnish asset management company focused on real estate assets, and its three core business lines are Real Estate Funds, Real Estate Development and Real Estate Asset Management.

The Group’s net sales were approximately EUR 12 million in 2017.

For further information please contact Chief Financial Officer Raoul Konnos, tel. +358 40 515 5893, [email protected]