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Community Building, Social Infrastructure

Armas Service Properties

High-quality, future-proof community properties supporting well-being.

DC 2

Green Transition

FinCap Data Center Corp

An environmentally friendly data center utilizing the world's greenest energy.

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Service Development Company


Develops and offers modern housing solutions for different age groups nationwide.

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Construction Company

FinCap Rakennus Pohjanmaa

A construction company building sustainable and vibrant homes for future generations.

Lease Management and –brokerage


The best service package in the industry, combining key functions related to owning investment properties through digitalization.

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Wealth Management


A family office-style wealth manager, overseeing clients' assets across generations.

city kauppapaikat

Shopping Center Management

City Kauppapaikat

Owner, developer, and manager of shopping center properties.

Our investment portfolio consists of carefully selected companies and assets.


We carefully select our investments, ensuring they align with our strategy and goals.


Our responsive strategy enables us to deliver the best possible value to our clients, investments, and the environment.


Our current investments focus on real estate and infrastructure development.


We rely on a strong team that combines extensive experience with innovative insights in our investment strategies.

Current Development Projects

We are also involved in numerous projects and initiatives

Here are a few projects we are actively involved in.


Garden Helsinki

A visionary urban development project that enhances Helsinki's appeal.

strandgatan merelta

Rantakatu 1

Unique Project in sunny Vaasa, by waterfront parks and near the water.

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Bold and Active Investment Strategy

Our approach is dynamic, allowing us to respond immediately to market needs.

Through our experience, we have learned that our responsive strategy enables us to deliver the best possible value to our clients and investments.